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Trees next to powerlines

Who does what?

If you have trees growing on the property you own, legally it is your responsibility to look after them and make sure they don’t touch the power lines.

How to identify that the tree needs a trim?

  • In short,  make sure your trees are planted not closer than 8 meters to the power lines
  • The growth of the tree can be classified by Growth Limit Zone,  Notice Zone and Professional Only Zone
  • As soon as the foliage reaches the Notice Zone  – which is approximately one meter from the Growth Limit Zone, the power companies will issue the property owner a notice to either cut the tree themselves (not recommended) or use their contractors to do the job.
  • In some cases,  if the tree is being trimmed for the first time, it is on the power company. For the second and all other subsequent trims the power line companies will ask you to pay.

Planning to plant?

If there are no trees around your power lines and you wish to make your property greener, but avoid the costs in the future, it is worth checking what tree species suit best.  Together with Vector we have created this short guide – feel free to download and use.

Planting under or near power lines

Download Planting Guide