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With nearly 40 years in business, Treescape have developed an extensive and specialist fleet, worth in excess of $25 million. Our custom-designed vehicles allows crews to deliver Green Asset Management services that are highly versatile, covering everything from the most basic arboriculture requirements, to larger, more complex projects.

Our difference is in everything we do – and how we do it.

As part of our pursuit to embed innovative technologies, products, arboricultural services and systems, Treescape have developed an extensive and specialist fleet. Our custom-designed vehicles allows us to deliver Green Asset Management services that are highly versatile, covering everything from the most basic arboricultural requirements, to larger, more complex projects.

Our specialist fleet makes doing business with us as easy as possible and helps us to deliver the most efficient services to our customers and partners as well as to the environment and community.



Treescape’s chipper fleet is large and diverse, and range from mobile 35hp 6″ units which are towed by our residential crews, to our stunning new 750hp tracked 23″ whole tree chipper, ideal for forestry sites and larger projects.


Tub Grinder

Treescape’s Morooka Tub Grinder can grind 60 to 80m3 of mulch per hour, gobbling all kinds of vegetation and transforming it into tiny chips.



Treescape operates Australasia’s largest and most modern fleet of purpose-built arboricultural MEWP units. All our truck mounted booms are insulated to either 46kv or 69kv (dependent on model), ensuring safe and compliant work completion around power lines.


Tip Trucks

Whether it’s a 6m³ capacity, compact 4×2 light truck used on street tree maintenance contracts, or a 30m³ capacity, 8×4 bulk tipper for utilisation on large development sites, every truck has had design modifications to meet its specific needs.


Stump Grinders

Treescape’s wide range of stump grinding equipment includes larger-scale excavator-mounted units, as well as smaller self-propelled grinders ideal for use in more confined residential situations.

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Tree Spade

Treescape’s 84″ six-spade Vermeer tree spade is the largest example operating in New Zealand. Mounted on a truck or excavator, it is capable of transplanting trees up to 300mm in diameter.



Treescape’s fleet of yellow Komatsu excavators range from an agile 0.8 tonne to powerful 30 tonne models. Using grapple attachments, an excavators main functions multiply. Some attachments are designed to manoeuvre large pieces of timber with safety and accuracy, others handle huge logs in awkward locations that may be too dangerous for crews.


Spider Aerial Work Platform

Our Spider aerial work platform allows crews to carry out residential trimming work at an elevation of up to 21 meters. Steep slopes are no problem, making this a very diverse and handy tool in all kinds of terrain.


Tractor Mulchers

Treescape’s 4WD tractors each have an FAE fixed flail attachment that mulch standing trees and scrub. Makes light work of large areas for clearing.

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Our services include the safe removal of trees, tree management, tree transplanting, stump removal, stump grinding and mulching.

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Treescape specialises in large scale landscape planting projects and contracts including parks, reserves, and wetland planting.

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To maintain plant health and safety, our expert tree pruning, tree trimming and tree cutting crews have the equipment and expertise to safely carry out tree maintenance services with minimal disruption to the land or property owner.

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