Tree Removal

When a tree becomes far too big for a section, or is in danger of falling because of disease or age, tree removal may be your only option.

Tree Removal: Removing a big tree from a confined residential section requires a great deal of skill if you want to avoid damage to nearby buildings, water pipes, power lines and other plantings.

Treescape has been providing tree removal services across Australasia for many years, on a wide range of sites. Our experienced arborists have the equipment and professional expertise to enable them to safely remove trees, both big and small, around property, power lines or even other trees without causing damage.

Treescape has worked on large projects for corporate, private and council clients all over the country, and have significant public liability insurance cover in place for our clients’ peace of mind.

In those places where tree removal is more challenging than others, like tightly confined spaces, the tree can simply be lowered down in small sections using specialised roping techniques, cherry pickers and helicopters and cranes.

If you have booked a Treescape crew to carry out vegetation work on your property, the mulch, limbs and waste will be taken care of according to your specifications. There are a number of options available, so talk to your Treescape representative to find out more.

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There is a real art to successful tree transplanting. With our proven tree transplanting experience and the specialised equipment to move almost any size tree, we can confidently say that we are the people for the job. Treescape can tackle trees weighing from just a few kilos to those weighing over 140 tonnes, and can move them a few meters, or a few hundred kilometres.

We have purpose-built lifting frames and strapping systems to protect the tree’s roots during transport, large truck or excavator-mounted tree spades, as well as the professional expertise in irrigation and soil enhancement to ensure that trees remain in the best of health. Thorough preparation is the key to protecting surrounding plants and property and achieving the result you want, with as little disruption as possible.

Treescape’s tree spades are a great option for transplanting as they provide a quick and cost-effective way to transplant with minimum stress on the tree.

Our truck-mounted spade enables us to move trees over large distances at speed, site-to-site or town-to-town. And for sites where access is difficult, our tree spades can also be mounted on an excavator.

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Tree Removal FAQ

Have you got a question about tree removal? Browse our FAQs below and click on the question to see the answer.

If your question is not answered here, contact us with your query, and we will respond promptly.

What is tree removal? How is it carried out?

Tree removal is an essential service. It is carried out when a tree is dead or dangerously close to power lines or a property. It could also be carried out for aesthetic reasons as part of a landscaping project.

There are two main methods used for tree removal – 1) tree felling and 2) rigging and controlled falling.

Tree felling is a more commonly used method that involves cutting a tree at its base and controlling where it falls, using modern equipment. Rigging and controlled falling require the use of highly specialised rigging equipment to systematically cut off segments of the tree.

Do I need to call a professional for tree removal?

Tree services such as pruning, tree removal and stump removal can be dangerous. They require specialist attention, especially if the tree is in a dangerous spot or poses a risk to life and property.

Tree care professionals, or arborists, are qualified to carry out all tree services. They have the necessary equipment and certifications to complete tasks, such as tree pruning, safely and efficiently. They are also insured, so any damage to property during the tree removal process is taken care of by their insurance. Arborists have the required experience, training and equipment, so it’s best to choose an industry-leading provider for your tree care services.

What should I look for in a tree removal service provider?

1. Is the provider insured and qualified?
2. Do they have sufficient experience?
3. Have they got suitable equipment?
4. How have they handled specific jobs that are similar to yours?
5. Have they supplied references such as client testimonials or online reviews?
6. Has the company adopted sustainable practices?

Read our guide to choosing an arborist for more information.

Is stump removal part of the tree removal process?

It depends, but generally, tree removal services do not include stump removal or grinding. However, you can book stump removal as an additional service when you are requesting a quote to get your tree removed. You can also book stump removal as a separate service. Stump removal requires specialist equipment and must therefore be scoped individually.

How much does tree removal cost?

The cost of removing a tree is determined by a number of factors, including the height of the tree, its condition, location and level of access. Given how complex tree removal can get, it is recommended that you first discuss your needs with a qualified arborist to get the right estimate.

How do I know which trees can or cannot be removed?

Qualified arborists have the required experience and training in tree care. They can guide you on which trees are posing a risk and need to be removed. Arborists are also well versed with local bylaws around protected trees and apply that knowledge when advising on tree removal.

Can tree removal be undertaken in any season?

Yes, tree removal can be undertaken any time in the year. If you’re removing a tree as it is posing a risk to life and property around it, the sooner you do it, the better.

Do you provide a free quote for tree removal?

Yes, we offer a free quote for our services, including tree removal, stump removal, tree pruning, hedge trimming and other arboreal services. Contact our team today for a free quote.

What if I want to move a tree to a different location, instead of removing it entirely?

Moving a tree to a different location is called “Tree Transplanting”. Transplanting a tree is a highly specialised task and requires custom-built equipment that can safely remove the tree and transport it to a new location. Discuss your questions and requirements with a qualified and specialised provider.

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Stump Grinding

Stumps left behind after the tree has gone can be unsightly and annoying, and can become a trip hazard depending on its location.

Land Clearing

Turning unusable land into productive land for use is no small job & takes some serious equipment in order to get the job done safely & efficiently.


Using mulch on a garden or as part of a landscaping project will result in a healthier, more weed free and drought-resistant end result, by comparison to using soil alone.

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