Safety and Environment

Treescape® is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for employees, contractors, and the general public affected by our activities. Environmental guardianship is integral to all aspects of the Treescape® business and we take great care and pride in restoring land back to its former glory as nature intended.


Our safety culture is unrivaled in our industry.

We are certified under

These international certifications require us to be audited regularly by third-party auditing bodies.






Our Managers and Supervisors are responsible for implementing the Health and Safety programme at a local level, and all Treescape® staff are required to engage in workplace safety with regular training (First Aid and CPR), safety meetings, and daily safety discussions which are carried out prior to any work starting.

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Safety Always

Treescape® ’s ‘Safety Always’ culture has been with us for many years, and is at the forefront of everything we do. Our AS/NZS 4801 certification ensures that we comply with relevant Health & Safety legislation in New Zealand and Australia. We work closely with Safe Work in Australia and WorkSafe in New Zealand for compliance, injury reporting and other requirements as set out in the acts and regulations for each country.

Treescape® actively engages in numerous partnership arrangements to ensure strict safety standards are met. Examples of these are the specialist staff training programmes which are on-going with local training providers, and specialist testing companies are engaged with for random drug and alcohol testing, ensuring safety is maintained at all times. Treescape® is also a member of the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, which you can read more about here.

Treescape® New Zealand is certified at Tertiary Level under the ACC WSMP scheme (a New Zealand-based certification run by the Accident Compensation Corporation). These certifications help to ensure we maintain our compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Treescape® New Zealand is also certified under the ACC Fleet Saver programme, which acknowledges advanced safety management systems and continuous improvements in on-road and workplace health and safety.

Treescape® Australia has successfully completed the IPaM program, the Injury Prevention and Management program, run by WorkSafe Queensland. Treescape® has been working with IPaM since 2012, and over this time, significant progress has been made in a number of key areas to improve Treescape® Australasia’s safety and injury management systems. Treescape® Australia now hold the self-managed IPaM status.

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Our services include the safe removal of trees, tree management, tree transplanting, stump removal, stump grinding and mulching.

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Treescape® specialises in large scale landscape planting projects and contracts including parks, reserves, and wetland planting.

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To maintain plant health and safety, our expert tree pruning, tree trimming and tree cutting crews have the equipment and expertise to safely carry out tree maintenance services with minimal disruption to the land or property owner.

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