Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming and shelter belt pruning can be a dangerous task when carried out privately, due to the risks that come with working at height, and using powerful tools while balancing on a ladder. Sometimes it is faster and safer to enlist the services of professionals to get the job done.

Hedge Trimming

Treescape hedge trimming service caters for hedges of all heights and sizes. With the right equipment for removal of hedges, we make light work of all shapes and sizes of hedge trimming.

Regardless of the height, your hedge will be trimmed as much or as little as you wish. Elevated work platforms and tree ladders are used to make any hedge job easy. Because of this access ability, changing the shape of your hedge is also no problem.

Treescape has the right equipment for removal of hedges, making light work of all shapes and sizes of hedge trimming, before mulching the remains and cleaning up your site. Stump grinding of the hedge roots is also available, if you need to get rid of the entire tree to be ready for the next step in your landscaping project.

Regular maintenance visits are easily arranged if required to keep your hedge in tip top shape.

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Tree Pruning

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Powerline Clearing

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Green Asset Management

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