Stump Removal & Grinding

Stumps left behind after the tree has gone can be unsightly and annoying, and can become a trip hazard depending on its location. It is also difficult to plant a new garden with a big stump in the way.

Treescape offers tree stump removal and stump grinding services throughout New Zealand and Australia, to help property owners clear their land. Our team of arborists use several pieces of specialist equipment to grind stumps, both large and small, regardless of their location. Our stump grinders range from large excavator mounted machines, for those large development sites, to handheld grinders for small or hard-to-access stumps.

Our tree stump removal services, utilise specialist machines to remove the stump and the surface roots close to the stump, and it doesn’t matter if the tree is alive or dead, wet or dry. We can also reinstate your garden to the same quality as the surrounding landscape (and probably in a quarter of the time), allowing you to get on with your replanting and revegetation projects.

Our stump grinding and removal services are available for residential, commercial, council and government properties. Through our numerous depots, our team of tree specialists will address your problems, no matter where you are. Just give us a call, tell us what you need, and our crew will get the job done efficiently. With our expertise in arboriculture and stump grinding, you can rest easy, knowing we’ll deliver a safe and quality service on your property.

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Tree Removal

When a tree becomes far too big for a section, or is in danger of falling because of disease or age, tree removal may be your only option.

Land Clearing

Turning unusable land into productive land for use is no small job & takes some serious equipment in order to get the job done safely & efficiently.


Using mulch on a garden or as part of a landscaping project will result in a healthier, more weed free and drought-resistant end result, by comparison to using soil alone.