Selection of Key Projects

Our mission is to lead the way in Green Asset Management through the safe and efficient delivery of innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions.

Treescape enjoys working with its partners on arboricultural and arborist jobs and contracts. We welcome projects of any kind, from the most basic arboricultural services, such as removing or pruning a tree in a residential backyard, to powerline and land clearing as well as larger planting & restoration endeavours.

Treescape Land Clearing Project

After the extensive tree damage and power outages during a storm,  a large volume of mature pine tree had to be removed.  The challenge was all those trees were in close proximity to the power lines. It took Treescape and Vector two months of planning to set everything up.  We utilised the power of the Waratah Harvester Head attachment, and that’s why

  • Speed: To mininise the disruption caused to the community by the power outage. The power lines were down for just two days instead of estimated five. 
  • Safety:  The excavator operator was able to carry out the entire felling operation from within the cab. It reduced reliance on manual fallers around dangerous trees significantly.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency of the Waratah Head minimised the cost of the operation.
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Treescape Ecology Work

What comes to mind when we say “Ecology”?

This is not just about planting trees, but to restore and repair the natural ecosystem with the passion, right tools and great attitude.

What is so special about us? We have the capacity and scale to fully manage your green assets, deal with bigger trees and keeping track on the progress – from planting to aftercare reporting. A part of our services is Pest Management, with the ultimate goal to turn our beautiful forests into the thriving natural area.

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Native Trees Planted For Urban Forest Project

This Urban Forest project means that the power company will replace every tree it must cut down for network management or safety purposes, with two new natives, planted in areas that help with local ecological restoration schemes.

Staff from Vector, joined with the Treescape team and community volunteers planted approximately 3000 native seedlings at a recent planting event.

The activity strongly reinforces Treescape’s commitment to a broader Green Asset Management programme.

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Mount Wellington Restoration Project

The Tupunga Autority and Treescape are proud to start a restoration project with the removing of various exotic species on Maungarei. A two year project includes replacing 100 ageing pine trees on Mount Wellington with 10,000 native plant species.

The trees at the summit were removed with a helicopter and a crane using latest removal technology. In the Phase 2, there will be 10,000 local seeds planted on the steep Western edge of Maungarei, restoring and repairing the local ecosystem to be what it should have been.

Once completed, it will be one of the largest expanses of native bush in the Maungakiekie-Tamaki area.