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Manufactured from 100% recycled materials PermeTeq® is an efficient and economical permeable, anti-slip Wet Pour Surfacing Solution.

PermeTeq®. What is it and why use it?

Urban trees grow in fully constrained environments within garden beds usually covered by a grid that ensures both safety for pedestrians and modern urban appearance.

However that type of cover can’t allow proper water absorption by soil, as the grid restrains water drainage to the tree roots.

That non-permeable cover system can now be substituted by a sustainable urban drainage system such as porous rubberised mulch.

Porous paving has been used around tree beds for many years. Treescape has built upon these various products and offer these as part of our service base, however we have also designed additional products that exceed the longevity and porosity of the steel and stone products.

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Key features and benefits

  • Cost effective with a multitude of uses
  • Anti-Slip
  • Can be installed on uneven concrete and lowers foot pressure
  • Has high porosity for air as well as for water and an excellent load bearing resilience
  • Provides a comfortable interface for roots and tree stem and does not cause any damage to the tree stem as the tree expands. Enables the trees to utilise the water within their root systems which is very important for the long terms sustainable growth of our urban street tree population
  • Porous rubber bound is 100% recycled
  • Versatile: can be used anywhere – from permeable tree beds to permeable footpaths
  • Great for the fields of water sensitive urban design
  • Allows to significantly reduce water shed run off from hard stand areas; enables contaminated city water to be absorbed into the soils and not flowing into our creeks and water ways
For more information please read the technical specifications here.


  • Porous Stone paving / footpaths / driveways
  • Rubberised permeable paving / footpaths
  • Rubberised resin bound organic mulch paving for gardens and around trees
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