Tree Pruning

When a tree becomes too big for a section or is in danger of falling because of disease or age, tree pruning or tree removal may be your only option. As tree pruning and arboriculture experts, the tree trimming crews at Treescape have everything you need to get the job done and offer both a one off service or ongoing maintenance programmes, as required.

Tree Pruning

Whether your objective is to promote tree growth or better fruit production, or to improve your view and let more sunlight in, our tree trimming crews are qualified and experienced to do the job.

Pruning a tree in a confined residential section can require a great deal of skill. Key considerations need to be given to avoid damage to surrounding buildings, water pipes, power lines and existing vegetation.

Treescape’s experienced arborists have the equipment and the techniques to perform tree pruning services with minimal fuss and with safety in mind. All staff are trained, and completely up to date with modern arboricultural practices, with work carried out to AS 4373-2007 standard for pruning of amenity trees (New Zealand abide by this standard also).

Using modern climbing techniques, our arborists can access trouble spots in the tree canopy and remove only necessary branches, without damaging any surrounding branches. Crown reductions and pruning to improve structural integrity are part of our everyday work.

In particularly confined spaces, limbs can be lowered down in small sections using specialised roping techniques, cranes, cherry pickers and even helicopters for more complicated sites. We also carry significant public liability insurance cover.

If you have booked a Treescape crew to carry out vegetation work on your property, the mulch, limbs and waste will be taken care of according to your specifications. There are a number of options available, so talk to your Treescape representative to find out more.

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Hedge Trimming

Our hedge trimming service caters for hedges of all heights and sizes. With the right equipment for removal of hedges, we make light work of all shapes and sizes of hedge trimming.

Powerline Clearing

From suburban streets to rural properties, we inspect, maintain and audit for multiple utility companies, guaranteeing power to each customer.

Green Asset Management

Managing your green assets on an ongoing basis is the smartest and most economical way to maximise tree health and vitality.

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