Pest & Weed Control

Treescape has been involved in numerous high profile pest eradication projects throughout New Zealand & Australia, helping organisations to eliminate the presence of introduced species on their properties.

Pest & Weed Control

The benefits of controlling or eradicating introduced species on land are numerous. Flora and fauna are able to recuperate and recover from the damage that animals like possums can cause, and a natural balance is restored which is usually easier to manage in the long term.

Pest Eradication

Treescape’s pest eradication solutions include

  • large scale bait drops
  • isolated bait poisoning for introduced species
  • consultative advice and reporting
  • urban and rural surveys and database creation

Pest eradication projects often spans over a period of time, depending on the size of the land involved. This approach ensures the results are long lasting. Reintroduction of native wildlife can then be considered.

Treescape has been involved in the eradication of Tussock Moth, taking responsibility of vegetation eradication for the entire restricted zone at the time of the crisis. Ground spraying and vegetation eradication was also carried out during the campaign to control the Painted Apple Moth.

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Disease Control

Treescape is involved in both large- and small-scale disease control and eradication programmes across the country including those relating to Dutch Elm Disease and Kauri dieback.

Some eradication projects last several months or years, and take us to some of the most remotest parts of the country in order to tackle the issue or protect the existing native wildlife from further invasion.

This specialist service area is constantly evolving and the threat is ever-changing. Treescape’s qualified and experienced staff maintain close working relationships with the Department of Conservation, local councils and many other public and private bodies to ensure they are always kept updated on developments in the area of bio security.

Treescape crews are also able to assist in weed control projects, with high volume spray vehicles designed to tackle weeds in almost any location. Our crews are qualified to kill off weeds in an isolated area, without damaging surrounding vegetation.

Treescape has a full range of specialist weed control equipment for use on everything from streets and industrial rail yards through to lifestyle blocks and hard-to-access hill country. Our spray crews are qualified chemical applicators and all work is carried out in accordance with NZS8409:2004 Management of Agrichemicals.

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Environmental Consulting

Whether your urban forest is a tree in your back yard, a forest in your front yard or a full scale restoration project, we offer a range of skills & solutions to help.

Planting & Restoration

Treescape specialises in large landscape planting projects and contracts, including parks, reserves, and wetland planting.

Mulch Spraying

With a 250 horsepower blower unit, operator remote, noise level discharge silencer, and, most importantly dust suppression, you can have peace of mind.

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