The Environment

Treescape is constantly improving our overall environmental awareness at all levels of the organisation. We are committed to reducing waste, separating recyclable green waste from that which cannot be reused and reusing materials wherever possible.

The Environment

Protecting the environment is of upmost importance, and is featured in our overall company objectives. We are mindful of the actual and potential environmental impact of our operations, and take appropriate measures to minimise this. Protection of the environment will never be neglected in the interest of productivity.

We endeavour to use raw materials and energy economically, and prevent harmful contamination of the ground through use of rain gardens and bunding solutions. We strive to reduce waste, to use recyclable materials in an appropriate way, and to dispose of non-recyclable scrap in agreement with existing regulations.

Treescape takes care to use techniques to lower our emissions. We service our machinery regularly and utilise fuel-efficient operating procedures. In order to protect the hearing of both employees and the public, we seek to minimise noise emissions from plant and machinery and carry out regular hearing checks on all staff.

Our employees are actively engaged in our ISO14001 (Environmental Certification) programme through structured training and activities. While an element of environmental protection is about compliance with laws and regulations, we have also established our own environmental targets and measures, with continuous improvement as the ultimate goal.

In selecting our suppliers and contractors, we insist on sufficient consideration of environmental responsibilities. View our Environmental Policy here or find out more about our certifications here.

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Bio Security

Treescape provide bio security training to staff heading into at-risk areas, and run awareness programmes.

Quality Assurance

Treescape place great emphasis on the quality of our service, going to great lengths to ensure its consistency.

In The Community

Community involvement can be anything from a donation of time, money or resources, or it may constitute a wider contribution.

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