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Oriental Parade’s trees never looked (and feel!) so well.

We are delighted to announce that our first PermeTeq™ project in Wellington is now complete.

What is it and why it matters

Made from 100% recycled truck tyres, this porous paving allows water to permeate to the roots and allows contaminated city water to be absorbed into the soil to be filtered first before it enters our creeks and water ways.

It is flexible and allows tree to grow without cracking,  can be easily installed on uneven surfaces and very cost effective, which makes it an ideal product for urban environment. Read more about PermeTeq™ here.

Non-slippery surface  – not only for trees

The great thing about PermeTeq™ is its versatility – you can make a track, a pavement, a driveway  – literally any surface can be turned into a permeable paving.  Great news is the latest slip test proved PermeTeq™ to a non-slippery surface when wet. The test showed the British Pendulum Number (BPN) came out of being 62, which can be easily interpreted as “non-slippery”.  Concrete, for example, is scored 52. Another good feature to know when you need to update your old pathways.

Interested?  More about PermeTeq™

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