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Treescape & NFD

The invisible disability

Yes, that’s right. Hearing loss has a stigma that often makes people feel like they need to hide the condition from their employer.

We strongly believe in breaking down the barriers and changing attitudes towards hearing loss in the workplace and to make Treescape a better and safer place to work.

As part of that focus, we are proud to announce we have confirmed a partnership with the National Foundation for the Deaf, with a number of initiatives planned for the year ahead.  Within our partnership we ambitiously aim to create an environment in which employees feel comfortable to be open about their disability.

To help us achieve this we are looking into a number of options, including having a number of support services and educational tools for colleagues. We will also be focusing on attracting and retaining staff with hearing disability, helping them to thrive and realise their potential.

What else will we be doing?

  • Raising awareness
  • Helping fundraise by participating in one of the biggest fun/sport events in Auckland – the Round the Bays run
  • Doing hearing screening tests at work and identifying the needs of our people.
  • Mitigating risk and noise issues at work using the Safe indicators

… and much more!

Help us & be a part of it too!

In addition to the special hearing screening tests for the team and installing Safe indicators in the workshops, we are proud to announce Treescape as one of the major sponsors of the signature Auckland Event – the Round the Bays!

Help us raise awareness and fundraise for the great cause by having fun with the entire family! See you on March 3.