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New Komat'su Fleet

Treescape owns 30 Komat’su machines in New Zealand. This fleet is comprised of excavators ranging from 2 tons to 25 tons (PC18 to PC220LC)  and wheel loaders from 8-15 tons (WA100 to WA 270)

These are spread out across our New Zealand branches and a few roaming machines based on the KiwiRail contract, these ones travel the country as demand dictates.

What makes them so special?

First of all, they’re a really safe option. Each of our frontline PC220LC-8s is fully guarded with forestry ISO-rated guarding, lift kits, significant LED lighting and edge protection. They are compliant on any construction or forestry site in New Zealand.

The cherry on top is the multitude of attachments, from grapples and demolition buckets, to grinders, mulchers and mechanical tree shears. For example, the Waratah felling head is capable of felling trees up to 850mm in diameter.

Tree shear attachment can

  • fell trees up to 450mm diameter,
  • dismantle trees in sections by holding onto sections,
  • severing these sections from the tree and
  • lifting them to a predetermined laydown.

The attachments can be easily changed, literally “on the go”, within the same project. It makes it both practical and financially efficient for clients as the same crew on site can deliver the end-to-end result.

Our 2 new PC130-8 excavators were purchased as planned replacements for our well loved outgoing models. We elected to equip one with rubber shoes and keep another one on conventional steel shoes. This enables us to select the best option for any site. For instance, the rubber shoes are great for working on roads/highways and steep concrete driveways.

What jobs will these machines mostly benefit?

The new PC130 excavators will be engaged in various road based clearing projects across the greater Auckland region and even NZ. They are great for vegetation maintenance projects, managing large sections, residential areas, parks and reserves.

They are quiet and reliable, as you can see in this example – the owner of the property was really concerned about the stock and the broodmares being in foal, but she didn’t even seem to notice the machine operating right next to her!

The bigger machines with their  phenomenal amount of capacity will be utilised in larger land clearing and property development projects where there’s a larger number of trees to deal with.

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