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Treescape has embarked on a major project to fully update all of its “works management” software.  This encapsulates all aspects of our business from receiving job instructions through planning, communication, operations, delivery, invoicing and reporting.  The new system will provide a total overhaul of all of our existing IT infrastructure.

After a detailed and in depth process which included multiple presentations and workshops, we selected Experieco as our partner of choice.  Experieco develops custom applications faster than ever before using model-driven development and code automation to accelerate development outcomes.  We will be building on a platform called Outsystems which is low-code meaning that enterprise apps can be built fast and provide unrivalled connectivity & integration.

So what does this mean for you as a Treescape customer?  This new technology is a game-changer, providing Treescape with tools that will improve – efficiency, communication around works, reporting and data analysis for customers and provide cutting-edge data management and geo-spatial mapping.

The journey commenced this month with joint workshops taking place with Experieco and our Operations teams.  Watch this space for further updates and how it will improve your business.