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Our crews are often required to clear trees away from powerlines. This is an illustration of the job done by our Waikato crew for the Lines Company.

The team faced a number of challenges, with time pressure being one of them. The power was shut down only between 9am and 3pm, which is a very short time to get the work done. We had to fell three trees and side-trim another three.

Our ground staff did a fantastic job lifting cut branches with specific rigging, which was quite difficult.

We had four climbers, one digger driver, four ground staff for rigging and two traffic management staff plus the Project Manager.  Digger driver helped us stack debris tidily and assist in felling.

To undertake this job, the crew had to have specific NZQA qualifications for work within 4 metres of live powerlines for The Lines Company.

Well done, crew!

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