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Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths around tree pruning, starting with “you can do without it”.

Myth: Tree pruning is not really required

Fact: How would you feel if you one arm was bigger than the other? Or your body was out of shape? Not too great we’d imagine.

However, not only is the appearance of a tree negatively impacted, but also its health. Tree pruning can boost growth and make branches grow out in different directions, giving your trees a much fuller look.

Myth: Summer is not the time for tree trimming

Fact: This one has been passed down generations and has no base. Just like the summer sun rejuvenates your overall health, trees benefit from it too – but only if the sunlight can reach its roots. By lopping off dead or dying branches, you’re making more nutrients available to the healthy limbs that can actually benefit. Summer is when water sprouts and suckers grow most vigorously, so this is also the best time to control their growth.

Myth: Tree pruning at the wrong time can kill it

Fact: By pruning at the wrong time, you may injure a tree, but it is unlikely that you can kill it with this activity. That said, it is best not to prune a tree when the sap is flowing. If you’re unsure on what’s the best time to prune, call in a professional arborist who have in-depth knowledge in this area.

Myth: All trees should be pruned the same way

Fact: Every tree is different and has its own unique needs. You should call in an expert to understand the needs of your trees before you start pruning. For instance, shade trees are pruned much less and less frequently than fruit trees. To encourage growth of the food and thus production of fruits, the latter must be pruned every year.

Myth: Over-pruning can kill your trees

Fact: It is commonly believed that over-pruning is a common occurrence and that it will kill your trees. While you can indeed over-prune a tree, a qualified arborist is unlikely to do this as they understand the needs of every tree and prune them accordingly. For instance, younger trees require a much gentler touch and must be pruned with great care. Regular pruning of smaller amounts prevents the need for drastic corrections later.

Myth: You can prune trees yourself

Fact: Tree pruning is a science; you need to understand how a tree is going to react before you make cuts on it.  Use of incorrect techniques can permanently damage a tree. It is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Pruning larger trees also presents serious safety hazards. If you’re unsure of how to prune trees, it is best to call in a qualified arborist who specialises in maintaining tree health and growth.

Before we conclude, let’s look at some common reasons why you should consider tree pruning regularly:

  • Your tree/s may have grown too high
  • Your tree/s may be diseased or dead, thus become a hazard to people and property
  • Maintain your trees structure and form.
  • To get rid of lower branches that could be possible obstructions

Tree pruning: Ask the experts

If you’re having trouble separating fact from fiction when it comes to tree pruning, give the friendly crew at Treescape a call. They’re qualified arborists who are passionate and hugely experienced in maintaining the health of trees through proper pruning practices. Call 0800 873 396 or Contact Us online to know more about the tree pruning service.