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Got a question about tree trimming or tree pruning? Here are your key questions answered.

Q: Tree pruning vs tree trimming – what’s the difference?

A: It may appear these two services are the same, but there are some key differences between tree pruning and tree trimming.

Tree trimming is the process of trimming the growth of trees. By doing so, you are promoting healthier growth and maintaining your trees, so they don’t grow out of control. Tree trimming can also involve canopy reduction, canopy lifting, and canopy thinning – all with the idea that you can improve the presentation of the plant’s natural growth.

Tree pruning is not just about tree maintenance. It’s essentially giving your plant the full manicuring package. You may need to remove branches that are dangerous or in the way, and sometimes even cut back parts of tree roots. Dead, damaged, or diseased tree branch removal can also be a part of the tree pruning process.

Q: When is the best time to trim and prune trees?

A: If you have a damaged or diseased tree branch to remove, then you can prune it at any time of the year. The earlier, the better, in fact. But when it comes to maintenance trimming, never trim directly after early spring growth. By doing so, you can end up stunting your plant’s growth. Different trees have different trimming cycles. A good season to prune is when the tree growth is dormant.

Our qualified arborists will help understand the best times for tree trimming for trees on your property. Book a consultation now.

Q: Who is responsible for trimming trees?

A: Responsibility of trimming trees varies between cities and depends on where the tree is located in relation to your property. Check with your local council on who is responsible and rules around pruning or chopping trees.

Q: Can I prune or trim trees near power lines myself?

A: You shouldn’t attempt to prune any trees growing within four metres of a power line. Only qualified arborists, who have the right equipment, experience and insurance should work around live power lines.

Q: Who should I contact if I find trees close to power lines near or on my property?

A: Call your power company or the local council. They will direct you through the process of contacting an arborist who assesses the trees and advises next steps.

Q: If I have a protected tree on or around my property, am I allowed to prune or trim it? 

A: Every council has its own laws around trimming or pruning for protected trees. If the protected tree has been assessed by a qualified arborist and deemed posing threat to the property or people, then it is allowed to be pruned or trimmed. Depending on the complexity of work, professional arborist service is highly recommended while working with protected trees.

Q: When is tree removal advised? 

A: In certain cases, tree removal can be better than tree pruning. Some reasons why you would remove your tree are if it is diseased, growing at a dangerous angle and threatening people or property, or is not thriving or too shady and affecting surrounding plants’ growth.

Q: Who should I call for tree trimming and pruning? 

A: Always call an expert, a.k.a. arborist, for your tree pruning and trimming needs. They are qualified in tree maintenance and have the required equipment, experience and insurance to trim, maintain and remove trees.

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