Tender Win with Wellington Electricity

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Wellington Electricity

A Bit of History

Treescape® has a long standing relationship maintaining trees near Wellington’s power line network and we are very pleased to be continuing on with this journey.

We will remain as the primary vegetation management contractor to Wellington Electricity Lines Limited. A hard fought tendering process has seen Treescape® awarded this new Agreement with WELL showing proven performance, working in partnership and credible history go a long way in securing work.

Keys to success

The focus of our proposal also involved key areas of innovation with our

  • fleet,
  • data capture potential,
  • and emergency response management.

Our Fleet

Our Fleet is purpose built, in-house at the direction of our Chief Engineering Officer and Director Brandon Whiddett. A highlight is the all-terrain insulated MEWP’s which provide greater access, less operator fatigue (by reducing hot stick use) and reducing the need for power isolations.


The capturing of data is more critical each year and this is a key area of evolution for Treescape® sThere are some really exciting areas of efficiency and reporting being developed here.

Emergency Response Management

The Wellington team, with support from the greater Treescape® community has been at the forefront of vegetation storm response, an early recollection being the 14th Feb 2004 Valentines Day Storm, through to the current day.

On that day the 230km/h winds and rain wiped out large amounts of Wellingtons established trees disrupting both Utility and Roading networks. From then till now, our crews still attend emergency works throughout the night.

When & What

The first day of the new contract is 1st February with crews starting work on the Evans Bay and Seaview feeders.

The photo to this post is a great example of what we will be doing. It features the LRV57 MEWP trimming Pohutakawa trees outside Randwick School to ensure both network and public safety. This involved a detailed traffic management plan also with this being a high traffic and pedestrian volume area.

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