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Fallen Tree in Auckland CBD

This critical job was in Auckland’s CBD. Without warning, the large tree split in half and fell across the normally busy road, blocking it completely and cutting off pedestrian access to the sidewalk. Our responsive crew was on-site and attending to clean-up within 30 minutes of the call. 

Quick and efficient work from the Treescape team to minimise impact to citygoers. 

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More great feedback on a recent job:

At just after midday today, my wife saw a large willow tree fall to the ground in a grassed area within a park alongside Portland Road, Remuera. She then drove home and reported the incident to Auckland Council, pointing out that it was not a road or person safety issue. What amazed me was that Treescape were onsite and had removed the large branches and chipped the smaller branches, all before 1 pm today.

WELL DONE! As a Project Manager at Auckland Council, I appreciate that council and its contractors are often criticized for not responding quickly enough. “Sub-60 tree removal” is a very impressive outcome.  What was equally impressive, was how polite and helpful your tree removal specialist were Scott Webber, Martin Blackman, Josh Brewer & Jacob Grey.

Keep up the great work! Kind regards, Michael. From Remuera, Auckland

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We are fully operational now, for both commercial and residential jobs. All Treescape crews are working to strict health & safety standards we set while working in level 4, including a strategic bubble formation. To find out more about how we are working during COVID-19, please click here.