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Treescape Heavy Commercial (HC) Division in Australia utilised a 60-tonne crane to remove a large dying pine tree situated beside the 11KVA powerlines.

Due to the proximity of the site, the powerlines were switched off, which enabled a safe removal of the large hazardous pine tree. The tree was removed in 4 pieces to allow the crew to land the dismantled tree in the small operation zone.

Though the site was controlled by TCI traffic control , it was not easy. Our staff had to deal with a clash of traffic control sites within a busy street and be mindful of a car parked directly behind the work site.  Treescape trainer Jamie Boston was on site at that day. Not only he managed to dogman for the crane, he also continue develop and train our HC tree climber Chris Tang.

The team did a great job and completed the project within allocated time and in a highly professional manner.