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What is it?

As part of our ongoing customer service journey, we have now launched a new custom-built portal – CSR or Customer Satisfaction Report.  We used a concept of an NPS  – Net Promoter Score, which allows us to quickly determine what our customers think about us. It’s one question that gives us huge insight into how we’re doing.

How it works

You have probably completed one in the past for a product or service that you have purchased.   The one question we ask you, our customers,  is , on the scale from 1 to 10 how likely they would recommend us to a friend or colleague.

There is also an optional field so you are able to briefly explain why you gave us that score, which is absolute gold for us in terms of knowing what we need to keep doing, stop doing and what we need to start doing.

We can then use the score to benchmark internally, Trans-Tasman or against other similar companies around the world.

The Results

Based on the scores, we will also know whether our clients are

  • detractors (actively telling people not to use Treescape),
  • neutral or
  • promoters (advocates of Treescape)

What do we do with the customer comments?

All comments  – positive and negative, are analysed and processed.  Positive feedback is being passed to the crew almost.  If the feedback is negative,  depending on its nature, it gets escalated to the senior management and/or health and safety department for further actions. We learn from it and always open for constructive criticism.

How often do we ask?

  • For our residential customers – monthly
  • For councils, power companies etc – every 3 months
  • For other commercial clients – every 6 months

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