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An unusual request

Treescape’s Planting & Restoration team in Sydney was approached by Inner West’s local council to plant a tree and create a garden area…within a skip bin container! This request came after a a resident had complained about dumped rubbish in the area.

Unfortunately, the site itself was not suitable for planting due to the depth of the road surface.

Garden in a bin

A team’s decision was to establish a small urban garden within a creatively decorated skip bin on the site.

We sourced a 4m3 refurbished skip bin and created a suitable drainage system. The team utilised high-quality soil and planted small ground coverings such as Kangaroo Paws, Rosemary Ramblings, Grevilla Mongongolo and Lomandras. With the help from a local artist Kim Siew, who undertook the task of painting a mural on the skip bin, the site was transformed into a small urban oasis. 

The Treescape team, led by William Dang, Nick Buckman and Myles Radford completed the project in December 2020.

… and an awesome feedback from Inner West’s local council

“Yes, really nice, best solution ever. “ | Pilar Angon, Environmental Officer

“Fantastic! Great idea for the locations where digging a hole is not possible.” | Helen Knowles, Senior Natural Areas and Contracts Officer

“Super cool solution! I love the way the art spills over onto the pavement and there is plenty of room in the bin for grasses and ground covers.” | Tealia Scott, Senior Natural Areas and Contracts