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Ryan Belling

Lockdown changed the daily routine for most of our team. We thought we’d share how a day looks like for different members of our team, for a better insight into what they do and why they do it.  Meet Ryan Belling, our Scoper/Senior Crew Leader.

Ryan, run us through what a normal day looks like for you…

I get up at 5:30am and am on the road by 6am. I usually make critical or urgent requests  my first visit and then meet customers on the jobs that need input and review – scoping out what they need to happen and the best way to do that.

Most days will see me meeting up with a crew to chip debris and I also try to learn a new tree species daily.

How has your “normal” day changed with lockdown?

No interaction with customers face to face and not as many requests coming through, which makes it hard to plan!

We have to be available for any emergency or essential work that crops up.

On the plus side, it gives us the breathing room to analyse trees and potential issues and I’ve had time to understand a new internal software system – GeoOp, and how customers log issues.

What do you love about your job?

I love being outdoors, working with the lungs of the earth. I love interacting with people and solving problems. I love the physical aspect of what we do.

How did you get into this job or industry?

I always knew I would be outside in nature. The first time I used a chainsaw I was hooked – felling a tree is one of the most fulfilling emotions I know next to surfing.

What meal/restaurant are you missing right now?

None! Having so much time on our hands has reignited the passion for making food and being creative.

After lockdown, it looks like domestic travel will be our only option for a while – what’s your favourite place in NZ to visit and why?

Personally, I love the West Coast for the epic surf so anywhere from Raglan to Piha. As a family we really enjoy the East Coast – warmer water and white sand – so from Whangamata to the Mount.