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Treescape’s team of arborists share their favourite maintenance tips to keep the trees in your backyard healthy and strong for years to come.

Planting Trees

Proper tree care starts when you select a tree to plant in your backyard. What you do to this sapling in the first few years of its life affects its shape, strength and lifespan. Likewise, for the trees you “inherited” in your backyard, the ongoing care will define their health and how long they will last.

Here are some tips from the arborists in the Treescape team that can help your trees thrive.

1. Plant the right tree, at the right spot: As we pointed out earlier, tree care begins from planting. When you choose a tree, you must find one that serves the purpose you are getting it for – privacy, fruits or even just to add to the landscape. Next, find a spot with the right amount of sun so the tree can flourish. Lastly, ensure it is away from hazards such as power lines and also not too close to a property such that when it grows, the tree could cause damage. Remember also that all dangers don’t only sit above the ground; underground utilities must also be considered when choosing the right tree for your property.

2. Regular tree pruning and trimming: Tree trimming is crucial to maintain the good health of any tree. Different tree varieties have different needs to maintain a healthy, clean look. While small tree trimming jobs may be undertaken by you as part of your regular gardening, calling in certified arborists regularly is also important to ensure trees are pruned as needed and done in a safe manner.

3. Soil testing and tree fertilisation: Needless to say, the quality of soils, what nutrients it holds, its type, what nutrients it lacks, all play a very important role in the growth and health of your trees. Call on a certified arborist to advise you about your soil type and health. They can also guide you on how you can fertilise your backyard and trees within to ensure their good health.

4. Check for pests and diseases frequently: To ensure your trees are in top health, it is important to monitor them regularly for disease and pest issues. Signs to watch out for include damaged leaves, holes in branches/trunk, thinning, weak limbs, and more. It is advisable to have a regular tree care check-in booked in with a certified arborist to ensure your trees are in good nick. Remember, unhealthy trees don’t just look bad, they can be dangerous if they fall.

5. Mulch your trees: Mulch is a tree’s (especially a newly planted one) best friend as it insulates the soil, helping provide a buffer from the heat and cold. It also helps retain water and keep weeds out, so the tree is not competing with these unwanted guests for nutrients. Mulch also prevents soil compaction and reduces lawn mower damage.

Are you looking for a professional to assess the health of the trees in your backyard? The Treescape team of certified arborists can guide you through the process, helping you with both urgent and preventative tree care needs.