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The Treescape planting team for Wacol undertook a transformation of a baron six meter verge that had four poor performing Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Tuckeroo tree).

Environment and Challenge

A 20 meter long by 3 meter wide garden bed was created where the 3 end poor performing trees had been growing. The natural soil type was made up from mainly small rocks with small amount of hydrophobic soil (non- water penetrating). The poor performing trees and soil was removed to a depth of 200 mm and treated with a soil conditioner.

This allowed far more water to penetrate into existing soil profile. Timber edging was installed and the garden bed filled with Treescape’s specific site made soil blend along with ground covers planted. The garden bed was watered in well to help re-hydrate the current growing conditions.

Either side of the new garden bed are two existing Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Tuckeroo tree). The growing conditions around the rootball was aerated and treated with soil conditioner. Timber edging was placed around them with mulch and soil drenching applied.

The site will be maintained on a 21 visit cycle by Treescape to make sure new and existing plants and trees are established.