Mulch Spraying

Mulch Spraying

Mulch spraying has a multitude of benefits, including suppressing weeds on lots where building works have yet to begin, or, to help with soil moisture levels during summer, by protecting the ground surface from the harsh rays of the sun.

Mulch can also be supplied for planting, landscaping and other larger scale projects, for beautification, nutrition, and long term moisture retention for plants and vegetation.

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Environmental Consulting

Whether your urban forest is a tree in your back yard, a forest in your front yard or a full scale restoration project, we offer a range of skills & solutions to help.

Planting & Restoration

Treescape specialises in large landscape planting projects and contracts, including parks, reserves, and wetland planting.

Pest & Weed Control

We have been involved in numerous high profile pest eradication projects across the country, helping to eliminate the presence of introduced species.

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