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Palm Pruning - the Kingsway, Cronulla

What has been done?

The pruning of 32 Phoenix canariensis and the removal of one dead palms located within one of the iconic areas of Sutherland Shire Council – The  Kingsway in Cronulla.

The challenge

Due to the high pedestrian and traffic volume within the area Treescape engaged the services of “ICombined 360”, specialised traffic management team,  to ensure the works were conducted with minimal impact.

Works involved consultation with shop keepers, and hotels for scheduling the works outside of peak customer periods, works were undertaken over a longer period of time. Management scheduled works to be completed over an 8 hour night shift and an early morning start to ensure a prompt completion of the project.

Equipment Used

Our crews utilised both Stihl battery powered saws as well has hydraulic saws attachments on the EWPs(Elevating Work Platform) whilst undertaking the pruning. Because the work have been undertaken outside of normal business hours we had to be complaint with any noise restrictions.

Yes to Sanitising

We utilised sanitizing methodology for pruning equipment to reduce the spread of fusarium while pruning the trees.

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