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Through a request to conduct a Hazardous and Risk tree survey, Teescape® have implemented an electronic Survey App, Survey 123, which is Treescape built and ESRI based. This is a big step forward and cutting edge in our industry and surveying. Our pilot project has been done for PowerCo power line assets, and the feedback has been tremendous.

How it works

The new app works as a Pre-Scoping tool. During the trial, it allowed our liaisons to plot and record hazardous trees across the Pohangina and Waituna feeders as they were out in the field. This work has produced a detailed dataset of green assets, their assessments and characteristics, as well as the relationship to PowerCo assets. All this collected information is overlaid on aerial mapping/basemaps with PowerCo assets and for review, Treescape has provided log in access to Powerco Vegetation Managers. They now have this information at their fingertips, with photos, comments, assessments and the ability to multi filter hazard risk score scenarios, enabling detailed and timely calculation of tree risk to the network at any given location.

We own it

As this is Treescape, built we can adapt and refine this for future surveys and conduct possible integrations or collaborations via PowerCo/Treescape’s ESRI Enterprise systems.