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Treescape Ltd was formed in 1981 by Ed Chignell and Brandon Whiddett, who had a goal to deliver tailored tree services that consistently exceeded customer’s expectations. The company started with little more than a VW Beetle and a couple of chainsaws; today, Treescape’s service range has significantly expanded and diversified, with depots located throughout New Zealand and Australia, employing over 500 staff.North Shore Pruning Work

Treescape are proud to encourage the development and promotion of talented staff into more senior roles within the business. There is ample choice for working locations and in developing specialist skills in a wide variety of areas. As a result, employee retention is high, especially as staff start moving up the ladder.

Treescape regularly celebrate the successes of employees who compete at the annual Arboricultural Associations Climbing Competition, regularly securing first and second place titles. Many other achievements are also celebrated on a regular basis, and are announced through our Safety First newsletter, where staff have achieved significant professional milestones, or gone out of their way to help the community or exceed the expectations of others. 


Support Office - Treescape's Business Hub:

Treescape is lead by its Head Office in Otahuhu, Auckland. The Otahuhu depot carries many administrative and management functions, including: staff training and competency, fleet and plant management, safety and environmental compliance,  finance, accounts and I.T., to name a few. Otahuhu is also home to Treescape’s fabrication workshop - where new plant and equipment is designed and built.

Our Key Executive Team:

Murray Matheson, CEO | 0274 820 518 / 

Brandon Whiddett, COO | 0274 533 030 /

Michael Williams, CFO | 021 702 802 /


How Treescape's Depots and Business Units Work:

Each depot in New Zealand is managed by a Business Manager, whose job it is to oversee the work that is carried out in their region. Each depot may have multiple areas of specialty arborist work that is carried out from the one location, and each of these specialty areas are called Business Units. The type of work carried out by business units in each region depends largely on the contract requirements in that area, and the commercial and private requirements of the community.

This structure allows Treescape to deliver the greatest service efficiency to our clients, and to ensure field staff are appropriately qualified and experienced for the job at hand. It also enables field staff to choose their area of expertise, and in turn receive the appropriate support and training from their regional manager.

Read more about the functions of each depot by navigating Contact in the left hand menu.


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