Singing Our Praises

Extracts from emails received from John Hickman, Water Catchment Engineer from the Tauranga City Council, talking about project details supplied by Wayne Hannay, Project Manager, CA (Otahuhu).


“I thought you might be interested in some of the pics attached – impressive to say the least! In conclusion – WOW man — mindboggling what these men are accomplishing out there!

“With the project coming near to an end, it was a pleasure meeting with a couple of the TCC support crew meeting with the Treescape® crew and acknowledging their exceptional service and skill with a light lunch. As mentioned – it is not just what the Treescape® men have done, but the way in which they have done it that is so impressive and appreciated. Calm, calculated, measured, determined and professional. The site – as busy, tight, ruthless, unrelenting and dynamic as it was, was always in absolute ship shape. Orderly, well managed and as safe and secure as practically possible.

“Treescape® had four men on site Barry (foreman), Jimmy and Henry (climbers/fallers/arborists) and Wayne (project manager down from Auckland). Things of particular note were:

  • Although actual stop go traffic management is not being used for large parts of a day, it was agreed that the traffic management crew are still required on site as they were performing a vital site security function, preventing unauthorised access on to the site.
  • Although the site is clearly cordoned off and signposted accordingly, a neighbour to the property had been found cutting firewood over the long weekend. He falsely claimed to have permission to do so. It was agreed that at the end of works on a Friday a log would now be placed across the entrance to prevent any vehicles bypassing the cordon. Apart from this, the integrity of the site had been respected and maintained.
  • The TCC arborists, Phill Ritchie and Hemi were again very pleased with both the manner and volume of works to date, and as can be seen in pics A and F, the work has progressed significantly … way beyond my expectations. This team I would believe is second to none. You need to remind yourself that the physical works is being done entirely by 3 men — Incredible stuff!!!


“On the project management side of things both Wayne and Brian have been brilliant to work with.”