Dark Damp Gully A Challenge In Rotorua

Rotorua Lakes Council recently asked us to remove 18 large gums in Bloomfield Gully, Rotorua. With no access to the restricted site the first thought was to use a helicopter to help lift the trees out, but the costs were greater than the Council could afford so we had to come up with another plan.


We decided it would be best to grade a track in and out but there were waterways that had to be considered. Chris from a local drainage company stepped in to help out by putting in a track, constructing a culvert crossing near the skid, and putting in some silt fences.

Notices were sent out to the surrounding community advising them of the noise to be expected and the proposed work hours.Neighbours were also warned not to access the gully at any time during this period. Everyone seemed pretty happy with this and the time frames.

The gums were old, around 50 metres tall and pretty close to one other. Being in a damp gully surrounded by suburbs and a limited felling area, along with being aware of the water ways at all times, made it interesting work. The HMcrews who worked on this site were Rhys Fransen, Guy Brunsden, Dave and Eoin Elliott (brothers), Wayne Gates, Wayne Bayliss, and Winston Deloree, along with Glenn Parker from CA on the 20T digger.

“The guys have done a great job considering the confined space they had to work in. The first day on site we had a team chat and pushed around a few ideas before the guys got stuck in to the work. All in all it went well and more importantly the client is happy.” said HM Business Manager Hugo Van In.

Written By: Sue Van In, Contract Administrator, HM/Waikato
30 April 2018