Auckland Storm Keeps Crews Busy

Over 1600 calls were received by our Auckland Council team within two days of Auckland’s massive storm that hit on the evening of Tuesday the 10th of April. Many more calls were received by our power line clearing team working on the Vector contract..


Even after the winds died down, crews were still working round the clock to clear trees and debris from roads, houses, power lines and driveways, and to tidy up footpaths and other public spaces.

Brandon Whiddett, Treescape®’s COO, visited Cornwall Park after Tuesday night’s storm, and observed more than 50 badly damaged trees, ranging in age from 80 years old to a 140 year old radiata pine which was more than 30 metres tall.

Thérèse Carroll, Treescape®’s Health, Safety and Environmental Manager visited several crews during the week the storm hit, making sure staff were working safely and not becoming fatigued.  All staff are reminded that in times of extreme weather safety is given even more priority than normal, as storm-hit vegetation and working in extreme weather can present additional safety risks.

Says Thérèse: “Working safely is our first priority. Staff are reminded that we do not want anyone taking short cuts or deviating away from safe work methods to get the job done, regardless of any urgency or stakeholder pressure. Always ensure that you discuss safety before and during these works. It is very important to remind everyone to take the time and care to complete the pre-work crew talk and to assess and manage the risks.”

Written By: Anita Jeffcoat, Marketing, GO/Otahuhu
27 April 2018