Land Clearing work helps support new wildlife sanctuary in Palmerston North

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Treescape WN Doing Their Bit for Wildlife Recovery

Wildbase Recovery project Treescape’s Wellington depot have recently become involved in the Wildbase Recovery project in Palmerston North. Their in-kind donation will be used to remove trees for the new facility which will provide shelter and world-class care for native wildlife to rehabilitate from illness and injury.

Built in Palmerston North’s Victoria Esplanade, specially designed recovery aviaries, a support facility for vet care, and the Powerco Education Centre will enable conservation conversations through world-class rehabilitation practice by Massey University’s veterinary wildlife specialists.

Despite its importance to a number of wildlife recovery programmes, and a new hospital due for completion later this year, Wildbase Hospital does not have the full rehabilitation facilities required to suit different species’ needs.

Wellington’s Business Manager Kevin Birdsall visited the University hospital to see first hand the work that was being carried out. While there, he saw a Tuatara that had lost an eye as a result of a fight with another Tuatara, a Kiwi with a broken wing, and another with a broken leg. “The work the staff there are doing is so valuable, and essential if these little guys are to have another chance at life.” said Kevin. All the animals Kevin saw on his visit were doing well, and would be returned to the wild once they had fully recovered.

TakaheOur country is home to many endemic species, which means they are uniquely special to New Zealand. Wildbase Recovery’s vision is to help, protect and conserve our wildlife, and remove their threat of extinction.  Once established, Wildbase Recovery’s nurturing environment will allow for animals to be viewed by the public. Their journey back to wellness will engage generations of New Zealanders directly with the conservation of some of our most endangered species.

Treescape’s generous $10,000 sponsorship will provide two days clearance work from an arborist crew. This will be most welcomed when site preparation commences in early 2017.

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