Residents Heed Tree Warnings, Power Line Risks

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Powerline TrimmingFollowing a big pat on the back for work completed by Treescape’s WN crews recently, PowerCo initiated thefollowing media story which was published in the local Wairarapa Age publication.

Property owners around Wairarapa are heeding Powerco’s safety warnings tokeep trees near power lines maintained especially during storm season.

Masterton resident Catherine Graham had an old gum tree on her UpperPlain property cut down this week after hearing about Powerco’s scheme topay for the rst maintenance cut for trees growing too close to power lines.

Mrs Graham said the process to cut down the gum tree that was more thantwice as high as the nearby power lines took three and a half hours but thatshe was “very pleased the decision was made”.

“We moved here in ‘88 and the tree was here then so it’s been here for a long,long time,” she said.

Mrs Graham had always been concerned about the old gum especially after atree on her property was brought down a few years ago during a storm whenshe was out of town.

“We’ve been thinking about getting the tree trimmed for a while but it was too daunting to comprehend whatwe would have to do. We were thinking “how do we even start to get this tree trimmed?”

“So we heard about Powerco’s scheme and called up and we qualified for it so Treescape came on Tuesday andtrimmed all the branches for us. I’m not sure how tall our tree was but it would have been more than twice theheight of the power lines. It was fascinating watching Treescape work so carefully to remove the branches pieceby piece. The whole time I was saying to the man “don’t hit my Five Finger! But they were really so professional,it was great.

Mrs Graham was sad to see the old gums go but knew that “they were just not safe anymore”.

“I definitely think it’s really important to be aware of how dangerous it can be having trees grow so close topower lines,” she said. “When we moved here all the trees were already planted, and the man from Treescapewas saying that apparently even if the tree is not touching the power line it can still conduct electricity if it’sgrowing too close.”

Mrs Graham now has an abundance of re wood for the winter which she said is just one of the benets.

Source: Wairarapa Age -

August 2015

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